What is HIIT? (High-Intensity Interval Training)

What is HIIT? (High-Intensity Interval Training)

Hello, my name is Dan, I am currently studying Physiology at Derby University. Over the coming weeks whilst we are all in lockdown, I will be bringing you some home-based workouts to help you keep fit and healthy.

HIIT training is a broad term for workouts that incorporate intensive periods of exercise alternated with periods of rest. These types of workouts will be posted weekly with Inspire Fitness Academy. There are many benefits that this type of exercise will give you:

  1. It is a very time-efficient way to exercise, with maximal health benefits in very little time. A lot of calories can be burned in a short amount of time.
  2. Your metabolic rate will increase, even after you have finished exercising i.e., you can burn more calories throughout the rest of the day, compared with other types of training.
  3. Leads to fat loss! High-intensity intervals can produce similar fat loss to traditional endurance exercise, with a much smaller time commitment. They can also reduce unhealthy visceral fat.
  4. HIIT can improve oxygen consumption. Oxygen consumption refers to your muscles’ ability to use oxygen. This means that all daily activities will become easier to perform, such as walking.
  5. HIIT can reduce your resting heart rate and lower your blood pressure.
  6. HIIT may be especially beneficial for those needing to reduce blood sugar and insulin resistance. These improvements have been seen in both healthy and diabetic individuals.

In the coming weeks, I will be posting workouts through blog posts, videos to perform in your own time, and some live workouts (dates and times TBD). These videos will show you a variety of exercises and how to perform them correctly. I hope you enjoy the posts and see you soon for our live workouts!

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