Inspire Fitness Academy: Who We Are

Inspire Fitness Academy may have been born in Derby, but it has expanded globally. Our gym is dedicated to supporting & developing the most disadvantaged members of our community and act as a safe haven, away from crime, abuse, & hostility. Through our classes, we create special experiences for our members. We’re a proud part of a unified charity, supporting migrants to integrate into a society in which natives may not be as welcoming as they otherwise should be. Supporting local communities, creative industries, and youth projects keeps us at the forefront of culture and as we enter the digital age, we are connecting and collaborating with other inspirational people in our mission to help inspire people.

The strongest organisations are those that make a lasting positive impact and have a meaningful relationship with their consumers. By ‘Helping Others Burn Brighter’ we dedicate ourselves to seeing the best in people no matter race, language, experience, or ability; we want to see the good in what people can do and strive to help them be their best selves. Inspire Fitness Academy is all about brining people together. It’s our ambition to fire up young people around the world, support & protect children & the elderly, and ensure everyone has access to opportunities for them to live their best lives.

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