Improving Your Wellbeing And Quality Of Life – Part 1

Improving Your Wellbeing And Quality Of Life – Part 1

It can be easy to get so caught up in work and life that things such as your health and wellbeing take a back seat, causing you to get stuck in the same dull routine every day. According to psychologists, eating well and doing exercise gives your body and brain instant benefits, reducing stress, depression and anxiety. To achieve true wellbeing, the key is balance, which can be exercised using these effective and tested ways.

  1. A Structured Sleep Routine.

Despite it being one of the most obvious solutions to improving your overall mood, many people still ignore the power of a good nights sleep. By sleeping properly our body can rest and renew the energy spend throughout the day. Adults are recommended to sleep for 6-7 hours every night to fully recover. A good amount of sleep manages the hormones that are directly linked to our mood and emotions. The most common cause of irritated and emotional moods is a lack of sleep, making it vital in maintaining a positive mood. So, make sure you give your body the rest it deserves. 

  • A Balanced Diet

Unfortunately, we can’t solely rely on sleep to achieve wellbeing, a balanced diet is key too. By eating the correct amount of the right food groups you’re helping your body receive enough nutrition. The food you eat determines how healthy your inner system is, and you want this to be as good as possible. It also plays a key role in your emotional health.

Withholding your body of the essential nutrients it needs can cause serious health problems, and can also lead to emotional distress and anxiety. Fruit and vegetables should be eaten in sufficient amounts, according to health and wellness experts. Foods such as nuts and lentils can be eaten to improve your heart, whereas things such as caffeine, sugar and processed food will provide no benefit to your body and overall wellness.

  • Soak up the Sun

Exposure to sunlight provides you with much-needed Vitamin D and causes the release of endorphins or ‘happiness hormones, which leads to the productivity of the brain. Vitamin deficiency is also linked to several problems such as Seasonal Affective Disorder, which has symptoms such as tiredness and irritability, affecting an individuals mood. So make an effort to take time out of your busy routine to spend time outside, soaking up the sunlight, as it will not only improve your mod but give you a much-needed break.

  • Address Your Stress

Avoiding stress is almost impossible nowadays, but that doesn’t mean dealing with it is. Learning to deal with stress smartly and effectively is very important to improving your well-being. By avoiding unnecessary stressful situations you can start to help this. When you feel stress starting to bubble, note down the cause of stress and what actions you can take to improve your reaction, mood and also situation. By doing this you will be able to focus on one thing when feeling stressed and logical solutions to the overwhelming feeling.

So, give these simple tricks a go to help you feel more positive about yourself and life in general. Before you know it, every day will seem so much brighter and living will be just as enjoyable as it was before all the stresses of adult life. Stay tuned for part 2!

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