Hodgkinson Builders Feature Story

Hodgkinson Builders Feature Story

Hodgkinson Builders was founded in Derby, in 1990 by Ian Hodgkinson. Starting from a small bricklaying business, Hodgkinson Builders now has 30 years expertise in property development, with projects across the UK.

They are supporting us to offer more opportunities to disadvantaged communities in Derbyshire. Through their support we can engage with more high-risk individuals and support their development and education. Hodgkinson Builders want to make a positive and social change. Whether that is in the communities they help redevelop, or by supporting the next generation of bricklayers.

Hodgkinson Builders encourage all people, young and old, to come into a trade that will not just provide them with the physical tools to build a house, but also the tools for life. In association with Access Training, they have formed The Hodgkinson Academy. The academy will offer a range of construction apprenticeships – with a special focus on bricklaying. Ian Hodgkinson, Director of Hodgkinson Builders, is a strong advocate of bricklaying apprenticeships and supporting new talent, stating: “We are very excited because we can continue to offer opportunities and grow the construction workers of the future.” This project is a fantastic opportunity to build on key craftmanship skills with new bricklayers, who are continuing the Hodgkinson mantra of building houses ‘On Time, On Budget, Safely’.

Not only do Hodgkinson Builders support the community. In building both domestic and commercial properties, they have a range of experiences and insights to help build the perfect home for you. Thank you to Hodgkinson Builders in supporting us to help the community.

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