10 Tips On How to Stay Motivated During Lockdown

10 Tips On How to Stay Motivated During Lockdown

We all struggle with staying motivated at the best of times, but with lockdown this has become more difficult than ever. It can be hard to see beyond the four walls we’re confined to at the moment. Despite this being our second lockdown, many of us still struggle to live as we normally would. However, with the help of these useful tips you could make this lockdown as productive as can be.

  1. Routine is Key

Gone are the days packed full of things that need to be done and tight schedules. Many of us have even lost track of what day it is on more than one occasion. This lack of routine can make it difficult to get anything done, as days are controlled by sitting around at home. By waking up at the same time every day, you will find that you are much more productive. This will also help reduce tiredness and improve your overall mood. People with strict wake-up times experience 13% more satisfaction with their life. Sticking to a routine also means that when things do go back to normal, it’ll be easy to get back into the flow of normal life.

  1. Self-Discovery

Many of us are struggling with keeping occupied during the lockdown, making it the perfect opportunity to explore ourselves and what we are really passionate about. We no longer have the excuse of not having the time to try something we’ve always wanted to. Whether it involves building something, helping others, or cooking, this could be a big motivator that goes beyond just a hobby. It will not only improve your mental health through keeping busy with something you’re passionate about, but can also improve your understanding of yourself, and who you really are. You will find a new desire to get things done and to improve and grow.

  1. Celebrate the Small Things

It can be difficult to not get stuck in the mindset of life being at a standstill right now. Every goal you had planned for the last year hasn’t been achieved and it may feel like they never will be. However, it’s important to focus on the small achievements, and not get too bogged down about the fact that you never went on that trip you’d been planning for years. By setting small achievable goals everyday, you will soon be able to experience that feeling of accomplishment once again. This can include anything, such as going on a morning walk, doing a workout, or spending time cooking a meal from scratch. Each small achievement will be a victory, and you’ll be chasing for the next.

  1. Find the Ideal Workplace

One major issue with motivation for most is being able to separate work from home. Those without offices in their house end up doing their work in the kitchen or bedroom, surrounded by never-ending distractions. This makes it hard to turn off from work when you’re finished, or can make it difficult to even start. To help this, try and find a quiet corner to work. If this isn’t possible use headphones to play relaxing music and block out any surrounding noises. Make sure that you take breaks from your work area, including for lunch. Ensure that your phone and any other possible distraction is well out of sight. This is a great way of boosting your productivity and ensuring that you split your time equally among both work-life and home-life.

  1. Switch Off

It can be easy to fall into the repetitiveness of checking social media and watching endless episodes of your favourite show. Before you know it, you’ve spent the whole day staring at a screen. Not only can obsessing over social media negatively effect your mental health, it stops you engaging with the world around you. A digital detox will allow you to appreciate your surroundings, whether thats the great outdoors or a book you never got round to reading. It may seem impossible, but starting small such as waiting half an hour after waking up to check your phone, is a great way to start the day. Gradually spending more and more time away from devices will help you engage in things you’re passionate about, and you will be much more productive with your time.

  1. Keep Active

A good way to make sure you are keeping active during lockdown is to exercise daily. The biggest struggle for some right now is not being able to go to the gym, for others this couldn’t be further from the truth. This is the perfect opportunity to explore the nature surrounding you and the possibilities for working out at home. Those who have always wanted to get fit can now, with the excuse of not having the time going out the window. Following the Inspire Fitness Academy facebook page and joining us for one of our live workouts or dance routines, is a great way to make the first big step in becoming more active. This can be a great way to boost your mental health and motivation, while giving you a massive sense of achievement.

  1. Embrace Your Emotions

Many of us are suffering with emotional issues during lockdown, whether thats previous issues becoming amplified or experiencing new issues regarding our wellbeing. What is most important is to not bottle up these emotions. It’s okay to not feel okay. Be open with those close to you about how you’re feeling and what’s troubling you. If you have no-one to talk to, helplines such as the Samaritans are a perfect way to talk to someone about how you’re feeling. By opening up you are able to feel a great deal of relief, and will probably find that those around you are feeling the same. This should help improve your mood and your desire to keep motivated.

  1. Stay Connected

It can be easy to cut connections off with those you are close to during times like this. Keeping in contact with friends and family is very important for wellbeing, now more than ever. Although you may feel disconnected due to social distancing, messaging friends and checking up on them is an easy way to ensure that you keep socially active. Not only will a simple message possibly brighten their day, a good conversation will be a great mood booster, and can help keep you motivated and feeling positive during these dark times.

  1. Clean House, Clean Mind

One great way to kick-start a motivational boost is to clean your home. Lockdown is the perfect time to finally go through all those boxes that you’ve been collecting for years. Getting rid of the clutter around your home is a great way to get organised. Being in a messy environment can be very claustrophobic and may make it hard to find the motivation to do anything. However, by decluttering your space you’ll feel a lot more clear-minded and productive, ready to seize the day!

  1.  Remember: You Are Not Alone

The most important thing to remember is that you are not alone. Don’t get caught up in a cycle of self-hatred because you left something a little too late, or you didn’t get done what you wanted to. Many of us have struggled through this lockdown and it can be hard to find any purpose, but there is hope and keep in mind that we are all in the same boat. So keep your head up, you’re doing great!

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