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Inspire Fitness Academy: Who We Are

Inspire Fitness Academy may have been born in Derby, but it has expanded globally. Our gym is dedicated to supporting & developing the most disadvantaged


After my last post on nutrition and weight loss, I touched on macronutrients and wanted to write a short post on what they are. Macronutrients

Nutrition and Weight Loss

If you are like me, the lockdown has seen you put on some weight, you are eating more, making more trips to the fridge, have

Why Warm-up Before Exercise?

Hello everyone. Today I wanted to help you investigate some of the benefits of warming-up to a lot of the exercising you have been performing

The IFA One Stop Shop Review

Inspire Fitness Academy in Derby has recently reached over three hundred thousand people internationally including Scotland and America. The fitness charity launched the One Stop

The Art of Mindfulness

At a time where everything is constantly changing and we can’t help but constantly be thinking 100 miles an hour, it can be hard to